Oz in the News 12.6.13

2ee534364a8f8c208da2c7881e57a467US: 75th anniversary Wizard of Oz Monopoly revealed  Roll the ruby red dice as you travel the board and attempt to own all the best reall estate in the Land of Oz. Players begin their journey in sepia in Kansas, just like in the movie. They then travel into a world of colour as they follow the Yellow Brick Road through the Haunted Forest, Apple Orchards, Cornfields and arrive at the Emerald City Gate. The game board unfolds to reveal a 3D po-up centre showcasing pivotal movie plot points including scenes of the Gale farm, the tornado, Munchkinland, the Poppy Fields, Emerald City and the castle belonging to the Wicked Witch of the West. New Monopoly rules created just for the game allow players to enter the pop-up Land of Oz and gain tactical advantages that can potentially thwart an opponent or further the player’s quest to own it all. The houses and hotels from the traditional game have been transformed into custom farmhouses and Emerald Cities, respectively. Meanwhile, classic movie icons from The Wizard of Oz – including the hat of the Wicked Witch of the West, the Rubu Slippers and Toto – replace the traditional Monopoly movers.


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