Oz in the News 11.1.13

20131031_inq_jriordan31z-gBordentown Halloween display is over the top We walk down the yellow-brick road to a life-size outdoor Wizard of Oz tableau featuring the green-faced witch, her crystal ball (with Dorothy inside), and a flying monkey. Each time we walk by, a motion sensor triggers the signature music of the menacing airborne beasts. Patrizio, 62, and Rios, 52, select the annual theme and alert everyone on Thompson in early September. They offer advice and some materials or accessories – such as the 300 ruby slippers, 200 witches’ hats, and 38 Oz banners, one for each house.

‘Oz Fest’ benefit this weekend at Cameo Cinema  Saturday, the first event, “Wine and Wisdom,” will feature Lopez telling the history of his Scarecrow Wines as well as a tasting of the wines, light refreshments and the newly-released 3D version of “The Wizard of Oz.” Members of the St. Helena High School Jazz Choir will perform, fittingly, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” before the film’s screening.

Gary Goddard’s ” The Wonderful World of OZ ” Theme Park Project “THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF OZ was a dream project. We knew we had a classic property that could become a theme park and a destination resort that could, if not rival Disney and Universal, certainly be a close 2nd or 3rd. But we were striving to make it the #1 family destination theme park in the country when we started our design concept. In my opinion, the work we did for THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF OZ was every bit as good as anything ever done at Disney or Universal. Beyond that, we were creating some new concepts that had never been done before, all based around the heart and soul of “The Wonderful World of Oz” as it was portrayed in the iconic MGM Motion Picture. Once we had our initial concept and master plan, we did presentations for a number of people. Among them Harrison Price was brought into see the project and to render his professional opinion on whether it would make the grade or not. (Harrison Price is the legendary feasibility maven who helped get Disneyland financed originally and then went on to form ERA, working on hundreds if not thousands of projects thereafter — he is considered one of the Deans of the Theme Park industry.) Well he saw our concept presentation and told the financiers “I have seen everything that has come down the pike since Disneyland and, without a doubt, this is the best project I have ever seen since Disneyland. This is a winner.”

WIZARD OF OZ Star’s Estate Sues Warner Bros Over ‘Making Of’ Documentary  Deadline reports that the estate of the late son of the actor that played the Tin Man in THE WIZARD OF OZ is suing Warner Bros over a documentary titled “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Making of a Movie Classic”. Kelly Brandt of Haley’s estate is looking for a summary judgment that names the estate 50 percent owners of the doc. “Making of a Movie Classic” has been included alongside THE WIZARD OF OZ video and DVD copies since the ’80s, with a profit of more than $4 million. The Haley estate has received 2.1 million as of August 2013. The suit claims that Warner Bros has tried to acquire all rights to the doc for $150,000 since 2011, which has left the pic without distribution options and barred the estate from its share of recent Oz spin-offs like Oz: The Great & Powerful.

Book shows off Baum’s Oz-inspiring Macatawa  He called Macatawa his “fairyland,” and research has shown Munchkinland could have been modeled after a group of Macatawa cottages called Perry’s Circle; the wooden boardwalk of ‘Lovers Lane’ resembles the Yellow Brick Road; and wooded paths seem so similar to the original W.W. Denslow pictures of Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion, Scarecrow and Toto entering the dark forest. Hattie Talcott lived a few doors down from Baum. Her photos show places that appear in Tamawaca Folks — cottages, beach, the auditorium, Venetian Evening — and illustrate the book. Baum and his wife, Maud, even seem to appear in the background of one of Hattie’s photographs near what is believed to be “The Sign of the Goose,” the cottage Baum bought a few years later with money from his “Father Goose” book.


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