Oz in the News 10.30.13

running-man“Running Man” Airs Wizard Of Oz Themed Episode Next Week  The cast of “Running Man” will be walking down the yellow lane as they are transported into the magical world of Oz for their Wizard of Oz themed episode next week. To promote their new movie “The Commitment”, T.O.P, Kim Yoo Jung and Yoon Jae Moon will be joining “Running Man” as characters from the classic movie. Dorothy and her brother end up in the mystical world of Oz, and to go back to their own time, they will need to enlist the help of the guests and cast in order to escape the clutches of the evil witch who is trying to kidnap the travelers.

Supernatural Oz-Themed TV Episode Review  The black-and-white bits seem to serve mainly to flesh out Supernatural’s version of The Wizard Of Oz, which has more of the Zooey Deschanel super-grim Tin Man miniseries in its DNA than the original film (or books). It turns out Dorothy (Tilo Horn) was a hunter who ventured to Oz (which is just part of the fairy world) to take down the real-life Wicked Witch, who doesn’t have green skin, but does have an abundance of mediocre glowing green-eye effects. Horn’s Dorothy is supposed to be a kickass version of the character, but doesn’t really do much besides glower and spur Charlie to be more active. The idea that L. Frank Baum is Dorothy’s father and one of the Men Of Letters is kind of interesting, but winds up mostly servicing a tossed-off D-story about Sam being unwilling to call the compound “home.” It probably would have been a lot more expensive, but the glimpse we got of Oz (and the flying monkeys!) suggest that an episode just set there would have been way brighter, intriguing, and fun.

GONE WITH THE WIND and THE WIZARD OF OZ On 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival Lineup  Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has unveiled the first three movies in the lineup for the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival, including the recently restored Gone with the Wind (1939) and a presentation of The Wizard of Oz (1939) in its stunning new IMAX 3D format. Set to take place in Hollywood April 10-13, the fifth-annual edition of the festival will also include a screening of the Harold Lloyd comedy classic Why Worry? (1923), with legendary silent-film composer Carl Davis conducting the live world premiere performance of his new original score. Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz are each celebrating their 75th anniversaries in 2014. Passes for the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival are set to go on sale to the public Thursday, Nov. 14, at noon (ET). Passes can be purchased exclusively through the official festival website: http://www.tcm.com/festival.


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