Oz in the News 10.10.13

GoCoverForTheWeb101013‘Wizard of Oz’ exhibition opens at Farnsworth
The Rockland museum features treasures from a private collection  Carroll and Wilhite moved to Camden four years ago and brought with them their Oz collection. Their property includes a 5,000-square foot workshop that they intend to convert into a museum to house their collection. The museum project is a few years away. Carroll said he hopes to open it in 2016.

‘Lions and tigers and bears … and a marriage … oh my!’  Once upon a time in Princeton, a theater actor and a stage manager came together in the workings of Festival 56’s summer production of “The Wizard of Oz.” Within a week, the actor and stage manager began what they originally believed to be an innocent summer romance, destined to end when the 2009 season came to a close. But as time went on, the couple got to know each other better and came to a realization that neither of them wanted to part. During the reception, the couple has decided to tie-in the “Wizard of Oz” theme by using Dorothy-fabric covered baskets filled with apples on the tables, and they will be using four main “Wizard of Oz” garden gnome figurines to greet guests. Brigham’s son, Cullen, will be the ring bearer, and the actor who played the coroner munchkin from the Festival 56 production of “The Wizard Oz” will be back to be the soundboard operator “making all the magic happen,” the couple said.


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