Oz in the News 9.11.13

Wizard-of-Oz-web_674221aaf8c812e0cffb45571366b321The Dangerous Wizard of Oz  The Wizard of Oz narrative is embedded in the collective unconscious, thanks to Judy Garland and MGM. But Wright says he’s reinterpreting it for a younger audience, one capable of 4G-fast assimilation, at least when it comes to image. “They’re also highly visually literate,” he says. “They can read and perceive story and intention through image much faster than a generation 20 years ago could. The nature of theatrical work these days is that in my opinion it is a visual art as much as it is a written and oral and auditory work.” This Wizard is described as “a fantastical world of couture-clad witches and bondage-bound munchkins, in a land where high-fashion visual art show meets Australiana in an explosion of glitter, glory, and goddamn rainbows”. There’s a camp sensibility at work here, but also an emotional depth, hinted at when Wright veers from a discussion of camp to older women and their dreams of liberation.

Oz Themed West Elementary School in Long Beach Opens its Doors for the First Time Since Hurricane Sandy  On the first day of classes Monday, teachers and students shuffled into the Wizard of Oz themed building. Staff wore ruby red slippers, the sidewalk leading to the school was painted yellow, and an assortment of bright colored balloons flew over the entrances. The theme was to let students know there’s no place like home, and after a year of recovery, they finally made it back.


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