Oz in the News 9.7.13

dorothy-must-ozTim Kring Developing Wizard Of Oz Drama Dorothy Must Die For The CW  The latest TV Oz project to go into development is based on an upcoming young adult novel called Dorothy Must Die, which is being adapted by Heroes‘ Tim Kring. It sounds like it’s set up as a distant sequel to the original story, except in this version of the story, Dorothy returned to Oz and became a power-hungry dictator.  Deadline says Kring is teaming with Adam Armus and Nora Kay Foster to develop Dorothy Must Die for The CW, based on Danielle Paige’s upcoming novel, which hits shelves next April (2014). As mentioned, in this story, Dorothy returned to Oz and went on to preside over the “now fascist fairyland with her perfectly manicured iron fist. The scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion are at her side, serving as her henchmen. The story picks up in the present day, and centers on a young woman who finds herself whisked away from Kansas and dropped in Oz where she discovers “a revolutionary underground of witches and enchanted beings.” She comes to discover that she’s destined to lead the people to reclaim Oz from Dorothy’s ruthless clutches.

600x412xgagaoz.jpg.pagespeed.ic.TDFieFnROSLady Gaga Announces WIZARD OF OZ Theme For GMA 9/9  Via her Facebook page, the iconic music maker wrote, “I will be LIVE on Good Morning America this Monday Morning Sept 9 performing APPLAUSE in a ‘GAGA of OZ’ theatrical rendition!” Additionally, Gaga posted a WIZARD OF OZ-themed quatrain:

“When Dorothy goes GLAM
snatches all the weaves of OZ
outsmarting the Wicked West
as she thrills for your APPLAUSE!”

wizard_wide-620x349Danger along the yellow brick road  What the energetic Brisbane-based ensemble has created is a completely original version of The Wizard of Oz, one that definitely isn’t in Kansas – or Hollywood – anymore. “We had to acknowledge the film’s existence within the work in order for us not to be chasing it,” Wright said. “We’re not trying to replicate it in any way, if anything we’re commenting on it and talking about and with it, rather than trying to become it.” And so the production opens with Judy G, ready and waiting for a cyclone to sweep her up and away from her rural home, and towards a brighter life and her 15 minutes of fame. The enduring Wizard of Oz characters remain – including the Wicked Witch, the Wizard, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion – but don’t expect Technicolour copies. “[Our munchkins] are not so cute, they’re kind of rambunctious and a little bit naughty.” And not even Dorothy remains the same, portrayed by two different actors. “There’s a bit of a wrestle over the role of Dorothy in this show,” Wright said.


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