Oz in the News 9.1.13

Portia Oti in Groove on Down the RoadGroove on Down the Road – review  It’s an ensemble work. Hip-hop dance shows fall apart when they fracture into individual display pieces, but Prince keeps the pace fast and the action fluent. The music by DJ Walde is easy on the ear, swinging between pop, dance and funk, and Ben Stones‘s sets are ingenious and fun. In the end it’s all about the movement. All the leads are brilliant and none more so than Oti. A wide-smiling scrap of a thing with her hair in Minnie Mouse bunches, she dances like an exploding alarm clock. We’ll be seeing more of her.

Oz: The 75-Year-Old Villain That Makes “Heroes” of Us All!  Proving that the subtle satire of Oz still rings true in 2013, August 29th marked what would have been the 55th birthday of Michael Jackson who appeared as the scarecrow in the black version of the enduring fantasy The Wiz (1978).
Appearing jovial, while made of garbage, the scarecrow danced and sang impeccably but did he ever find the common sense he craved and do any of us ever find that missing piece – that thing that would simultaneously complete us and save us from this modern world filled as it is with unfeeling humanity, afflicted with war and callousness and swarming with monsters and cowards whose lives revolve around them either being terrifying or being as terrified as MJ may well have been and we often are.


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