Oz in the News 8.19.13

23077955_BG4Service held in Phoenix for ‘Wizard of Oz’ munchkin  Margaret Pellegrini passed away at the Beatitudes Campus retirement community on Aug. 7 at age 89. Wood said longtime Valley entertainers Igor Glenn and Mike Chamberlin, as well as the cast at Valley Youth Theatre, paid tribute to Pellegrini during the celebration. Pellegrini’s grandson, Bill Pellegrini, said as a boy, his grandma would take him to the fair where she’d know everyone. He said he also remembers going with her to Hollywood, when she got her star on the Walk of Fame. Pellegrini was one of three surviving munchkins from the famous 1939 film.

The 3D re-releasing trend reaches a dead end  My IMAX 3-D showing of Pacific Rim had, as usual, an interminable reel of trailers attached. The blockbusters and the sequels didn’t cause any reactions, but The Wizard of Oz IMAX 3-D trailer did — audible groans and a spot of incredulous laughter. I can see why. 3-D conversion is an almost no-win scenario, PR-wise. The re-release will, regardless of the actual perceived quality, alienate existing fans of the movie while discouraging newcomers interested in the movie but not in the superfluous 3-D.  The format isn’t a cure-all, nor does it — no matter how good the conversion — absolutely enhance every movie. In fact, I’d wager that the 3-D and IMAX upscaling actually makes the sets from The Wizard of Oz look more fake than they already do, similar to how 3-D and high frame rate made makeup from The Hobbit look cheap.


One response to “Oz in the News 8.19.13

  1. Ok I think this re-release of Oz in IMAX and 3-D is not a bad thing. It will open up Oz on the big screen to a generation which has never seen it this way. so why not.

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