Oz in the News 7.6.13

OzDress07.11.13Local Collector Selling Original Dorothy Dress From Wizard Of Oz  The 75-year-old dress will be auctioned off at Profiles in History auction house in Calabasas Hills on July 28. Barsamian’s copy of the dress is a solid blue pinafore with polka dot trim and puff-sleeved blouse. During the early filming Garland also wore a blond wig. Actress Debbie Reynolds owned another version of the dress that was also used during the movie’s first two weeks of filming. That dress was auctioned off in 2011 for $910,000.

Lakewood startup Jersey Jack Pinball enjoys fast growth with ‘Wizard of Oz’ game  Workers in the plant are trying to keep up with orders for The “Wizard of Oz.” Steve Zamonski, director of final testing, demonstrated how the game works. At times, it is so intricate that it can be hard to keep up. Dorothy gets carried away by a flying monkey? There’s a melting witch? Really, it’s best not to think too much. It’s a simple story. “You hit (the witch) and knock her down,” Zamonski said. “She sinks, and you get points.”

Holy Crap, Remember…Oz Squad?  Looking back on Oz Squad a good twenty years after its original launch shows that Alquist was truly ahead of his time with this approach. The trend of putting characters from classic literature in modern and/or mature-themed settings has been embraced by the mainstream comic-reading public in current books such as Vertigo’s Fables and The Unwritten, Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales, and even Alan Moore’s controversial graphic novel Lost Girls. We’ve even seen the “Merc With a Mouth” mixing it up with Moby Dick and Tom Sawyer in the pages of Marvel’s Deadpool Killustrated recently. Despite its high-concept premise, Oz Squad was also fairly experimental at times. One issue late in its run introduced Dorothy to the actual L. Frank Baum, which mirrored the same meta nature of Morrison’s Animal Man and Gaiman’s The Sandman.

Time-lapse video of the creation of The Wizard of Oz cover from the Puffin Chalk series


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