Oz in the News 6.11.13

b9922734z.1_20130607143311_000_gqf11k49.1-0For ‘Wicked’ star, it’s easy being green When actress Jennifer DiNoia was 5, her parents took her to see a musical production of “The Wizard of Oz” at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. Young as she was, DiNoia wasn’t the least bit frightened by the show’s villain, the green-skinned Wicked Witch of the West. (What actually scared her was the big-headed Wizard.) Instead, she was captivated by the sight of the witch flying over the audience. As far as the flying goes, DiNoia assures everyone that it never gets old. “It’s such a rush….You feel so powerful and you’ve got everybody’s attention, and when it’s over, it’s like a dreamlike moment in your life,” she said. If she could have any single superpower in the pantheon, flying is absolutely the one she’d choose: “I fly in my dreams. I fly almost every single night.”

King and animators talk China Girl and the world of ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’  “I would die to have that marionette doll. Unfortunately, I don’t think they can locate it because the direct and I were wondering where’s the doll because we want one. There were only two marionette dolls. They do have dolls of China Girls at Toys R Us and other shops. They even have a limited edition one made in ceramic.”

Grand Rapids’ Judy Garland Museum Is Still Big Draw  The 38th annual Judy Garland Festival begins later this week. Fans can follow the yellow brick road to catch a glimpse of Grand Rapids’ own claim to Hollywood fame- one that’s been very good to this small town in the northwoods. “Since the festival started about 40 years ago, we have generated millions and millions of dollars in publicity for this little town,” Kelsch said. And Kelsch says starting next summer, an even bigger collection of “Wizard of Oz” material will be on display here.

New Take on the Wizard of Oz in “The Trouble With Bricks”  Bard and Book Publishing is offering a unique twist on the much beloved Wizard of Oz, courtesy of author Derek Elkins. “The Trouble With Bricks” follows the adventures of Suzie Phipps, her brother Cleotus, and other odd characters that they meet as they weave through places and situations in an alternate reality and fantasy world.  “The Trouble With Bricks” is published by Bard and Book Publishing. It is available in several ebook reading formats on Smashwords and is also available for Kindle on Amazon.


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