Oz in the News 6.1.13

02301_insJudy Garland Spots James Mason In Rare 1805 Book  The original, unsigned and undated, artwork for a series of satirical prints, Symptoms of Drilling, signed on the published prints as  “Designed & Etched by H.B.H. Esq. 1805” without imprint, recently fell into my lap.  It was a gift to Cukor from Judy Garland, inscribed, “For George/ I ran across this book & spotted James Mason / Judy.” The book was likely presented and the message likely written c. 1953-54, the years that Cukor’s production of Garland’s star-vehicle, A Star Is Born, co-starring Mason, was shot and released.

5 Questions With ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’ Star Mila Kunis  “The costumes in the movie are beautiful and incredibly ornate. Everything is handmade and hand-stitched, but there’s a corset underneath every single one of them, so they are incredibly uncomfortable to wear. That’s the truth. They look beautiful on a mannequin and they look beautiful in real life, but they aren’t comfortable when you’re hung up on wires 30 feet in the air for 17 hours. You have to put everything into consideration. Wearing the costume for two hours was not a problem. Wearing it for 17 hours… Ouch.”


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