Oz in the News 5.31.13

JerseyJack_WizardPinballJersey Jack Pinball Starts Shipping Wizard Of Oz Emerald City Special Editions  Jersey Jack Pinball Inc. has begun shipping the production version of its first game, The Wizard of Oz. Pinball machines are on their way from the company’s 42,000-sq.ft. building in Lakewood, NJ, to the more than 1,400 customers worldwide who preordered the JJP original.  Guarnieri exclaims, “My Oz is finally seeing these incredible games make their way out of our factory and into the homes and arcades of our unbelievably loyal and patient customers. We hope this game will bring smiles to their faces for many years to come.”

It’s all about Oz this weekend  Oz-Stravaganza Co-Director Colleen Zimmer said, “We’ve gone from books and to movies and to other authors continuing the series and to After the Wizard, The Wiz, Wicked, I mean it just keeps going in all directions and just grows and grows and grows.” Most of the Oz-Stravanza events will get started this afternoon with fireworks capping off the night at 9:30 p.m. You’re also encouraged to stop by the “All Things Oz” museum to check out some very cool exhibits.


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