Oz in the News 5.22.13

ozombie-ios-1If American McGee Doesn’t Get Alice He’ll Put Zombies In Oz McGee is toying with the idea of putting zombies in a steampunk version of the Wizard of Oz. “There’s so much fun stuff to explore,” says McGee, “so many interesting characters and locations to discover.” It could go anywhere. A tentative narrative has Scarecrow, dissatisfied with the brains the Wizard gives him, going on a rampage across Oz to turn everything he meets into a zombie. Oz itself becomes a post-apocalyptic wasteland, in the game McGee’s calling – at least for now – OZombie. If the idea interests you, there’s a Facebook page over here you might want to look at. Also a Twitter feed. Now tap your heels together and say, ‘there’s nothing like brains …’

New Pinball Machine is a Game Changer for the Industry: We’re Not in Kansas Anymore  After a 2+ year journey down the Yellow Brick Road, New Jersey based Pinball Manufacturer, Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. (JJP)  has started shipment of their much anticipated first game, The Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine. Games have started to make their way from the company’s 42,000-sq foot building in Lakewood, NJ to over 1,400 customers worldwide who have pre-ordered the machine. The game includes a magnetized flying monkey that scoops up your ball, Dorothy’s house which spins and drops on the feet of the Wicked Witch of the East, a crystal ball that displays animations through a small backlit LCD monitor, ruby red “slipper flippers,” and countless other aspects of the classic movie.


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