Oz in the News 5.11.13

Judy-Garland’s-dress-worn-in-the-Wizard-of-Oz-has-sold-for-480000-at-auction-in-Beverly-HillsJudy Garland’s actual Dorothy dress comes to Ireland  For every Irish person The Wizard of Oz is an obligatory Christmas watch and a childhood favourite. This summer get closer to the star than you ever could have imagined by visiting the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Icons in Dublin to see their new temporary Garland display. The blue and white gingham pinafore costume worn by Garland in her most memorable performance as Dorothy, which recently sold for a record sum of $480,000 USD, is on display from May 22nd- July 31st.

Studio Behind Animated ‘Wizard of Oz’ Sued for $1.2M  It doesn’t always pay to follow the Yellow Brick Road. Daniel Zucker is suing Gigapix Studios in Los Angeles Superior Court and alleging securities fraud and breach of contract over a  $700,000 loan related to a planned computer-animated version of “The Wizard of Oz.” Zucker claims Gigapix never repaid the money in his lawsuit. Zucker also invested money in the film and is seeking $1.2 million in damages and attorney’s fees.

Louna Release ‘Oz’ Themed Video For “Business”  Russian rockers Louna have released a heavily loaded video for “Business”. Based heavily upon the Wizard Of Oz mythos, the video takes the militaristically atheistic lyrics and combines them with politically charged imagery. In the video, two warring factions of munchkins use any means to kill one another, including bombs, balloon explosives, and suicide vests. Meanwhile, the Wizard watches over as a mask, no expression present as senseless slaughter after senseless slaughter is committed.


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