Oz in the News 5.1.13

51P5-zfqGjL._SX500_Positively Ozitively Travel by hot air balloon to Oz with Dot, Dorothy’s daughter, for adventures with beloved Wizard of Oz characters in this Amazon.com Studios pre-school series.  Watch the first episode here.

James Franco’s quirky ‘Oz’ journey: Exclusive clip “I just got bored with the regular B-roll behind-the-scenes kind of things that are so conventional and cookie cutter,” says Franco, who stars as Oscar Diggs in Oz. “It felt like they were not asking the questions I wanted to ask. I thought I would do the interviews and find out what I wanted to know.” An exclusive sneak peek of the 22-minute segment is revealed here and is anything but boring. Starting with Franco waking up from a nap on the Detroit set, he interviews key members of the cast and crew including director Sam Raimi and his witch co-stars Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams.


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