Oz in the News 4.1.13

20130328_Wizard0001From The Land Of Oz And Proud Of It  If you’re from Kansas, or even from Kansas City, Missouri,no matter where you go in the world, someone’s going to make a crack about Dorothy, or Toto. Or how about this witty remark? “You’re not in Kansas any more, are you?” But not everyone here locally is trying to escape the legacy of The Wizard of Oz.  Jane Albright is a director of the International Wizard of Oz Club. She told KC Currents’ Susan Wilson that she became fascinated with the Oz books when she was a child, growing up in Topeka, Kansas.

‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ Hits $200M at Foreign Box Office  Disney “Oz the Great and Powerful” blew past the $200 million threshold at the foreign box office this weekend and is about to do the same domestically. With this weekend’s $22.2 million take from 37 foreign markets, the “Wizard of Oz” prequel has taken in $214 million overseas since opening on March 8 with nearly $80 million domestically and $70 million from abroad. Its U.S. total stands at $198.2 million, so it should go past $200 million on Monday.

Battle over lucrative Wizard Of Oz  The ending of Great and Powerful leaves a lot of runway for a sequel, 20 years before Dorothy arrives on the scene, and as it did with Oz the Great and Powerful Disney will take great legal pains to avoid direct references to the 1939 film in both the sequel and the merchandising. It is handicapped because it cannot sell well-known items such as ruby slippers from the 1939 musical but it is making up for it with Oz-themed toys, cosmetics and costumes. Warners is competing with Barbie dolls, a Monopoly game, housewares, stationery and a coffee table book.

Birmingham Makeup Artist Lends His Talents to New ‘Oz’ Film  The glamour of the movies? Forget it. “The girls wearing these heavy, loopy things we made for them — they were getting bald spots the size of half-dollars on their heads from the weight of them,” he says. “They would be in tears. But they kept coming back. They wanted to be in this movie bad.”

The Wizard of Oz (iOS) review  The mobile version of the game is very true to the Facebook version, but is a significantly better experience on iPad than iPhone. On iPhone, the already quite cluttered interface is very difficult to use accurately due to the tiny size of the buttons on the screen, and picking up Munchkins to assign them to tasks by tapping and dragging them is all but impossible. This is less of a problem on the large screen of the iPad, but it significantly impacts enjoyment of the game on iPhone. While it is good that the game is accessible to iPhone as well as iPad owners, it would have perhaps been better if the game had been designed as a tablet-only title — or had some more significant interface revamps for the phone version.

Bowling Green native featured in Disney’s ‘Oz’ film  “We were a little shocked because typically extras don’t make it in the credits but his name was ‘Dancing Munchkin,’” Karen said. “It was just a lot of fun to see at the premiere.” Although Dan wasn’t a main part in the movie, his fame in the city seems to be building. Junior Tyler Wicker, a server in Perrysburg at Bar Louie was working when Dan and his wife were celebrating the movie’s premiere. “He told some of us working he was in the movie and that he was celebrating,” Wicker said. “I should have asked for a picture. My mind was blown.”

X-Play Records Original Music for ‘Wizard of Oz XXX’  A 15-year veteran of the music business, Ryder said he was “hell-bent” on creating music for “Oz” that isn’t “just a loose spin on pop songs with sexy lyrics.”  Dozens of songs were written over a three-year period and the most appropriate selections were set aside for “Not the Wizard of Oz XXX,” he said. “We cast this movie with singers in mind.… naked singers but singers nonetheless,” Ryder added.  “If you did not sing well you had next to zero chance of getting cast.”


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