Oz in the News 3.23.13

Oz The Great And Powerful’s Opening Titles: An Exclusive Look Behind The Scenes  “Our opening sequence needed to set up this sensational 3D journey, up front, so that the audience kind of expects the whole entire film is going to be an adventure fantasy film. We purposely wanted to embrace every single trick in stereo, to make sure that the audience really enjoys the idea of this stereo journey.” When his company made the pitch to director Sam Raimi and other members of the production team, everyone had to don old-fashioned red and cyan paper 3D glasses to see the presentation– even though they had made a film utilizing the most modern 3D techniques possible. “We presented in the most old-fashioned and traditional way, which Sam really appreciated,” Yu says. “He has kind of this nostalgic approach to film.”

Judy Garland, Is That You? – A Review of The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West  At the end of the day, this book’s greatest accomplishment may be just how naturally it made most of the classic Wizard of Oz elements fit into a western story. Granted, not everything goes off without a hitch. But I opened The Wicked West expecting a lot of eye rolling, and did almost none. Most of the Oz elements we know are stylized to fit this world, and the ones that don’t necessarily fit are changed, mostly in positive ways. For instance, I loved this book’s take on the Emerald City (I won’t spoil it for you), as well as the idea of Dorothy using ruby bullets.

Risë Stevens, 99, voice of Glinda the Good Witch in the animated film “Journey Back to Oz” , Is Dead  Risë Stevens, the internationally renowned mezzo-soprano who had a 23-year career with the Metropolitan Opera, where she practically owned the role of Carmen during the 1940s and ’50s, died on Wednesday at her home in Manhattan. She was 99.

The Wizard of Oz follows the Yellow Brick Road onto iPhone, iPad  After its launch on Facebook a few months ago, Spooky Cool Lab‘s The Wizard of Oz has now made the journey to iOS, bringing the iconic film to life on a new series of devices. The whimsical city-builder contains the same immersive gameplay as found in the Facebook original, along with Facebook connect, Game Center achievements, and much more.


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