Oz in the News 3.20.13

pressrelease_257295_1363569443Charlotte Youth Ballet’s The Wizard of Oz  It all starts on a small farm in Kansas – a little girl, her beloved dog Toto and one gigantic storm… Join the company this spring for the Charlotte Youth Ballet’s performance, The Wizard of Oz! An original ballet created by Gay Porter with music by the late Loonis McGlohon, this spectacular event showcases Charlotte’s premier ballet talent with professional, international guest artists. Marena Perez and Jose Rodriguez, principals of the Ballet National de Puerto Rico, will delight audiences with their presence. Also joining the cast are Aureo Andino and Odemar Occasio from the Ballet National de Puerto Rico, Michael Crawford (NYC) and Charlotte’s own Hardin Minor of OMIMEO.

‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ gets an edgy new look  If the Raimi movie has little purpose other that to dazzle us with visuals (the last resort of a filmmaker with nothing to say), “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” is visually dazzling for a different reason: Featuring new illustrations by Michael Sieben, a writer and illustrator for Thrasher magazine, it’s an attempt to rethink the “Wizard” — or, more accurately, to provoke us into seeing it anew.

Commentary: The not so great and powerful Oz  In the 14 years that she spent winters with the Baums, Frank’s mother-in-law gave him the blueprint for the land of social justice he created. As he was telling the stories of Oz to his four sons, Matilda was writing” Woman, Church and State,” her magnum opus, which opens with a chapter on the “matriarchate,” an egalitarian value system resting on creative female authority. Wandering through the pages of the 14 Oz books, you visit the matriarchal world Gage spent her life trying to create, where women are equal to men; everyone has what they need and gives what they can; morality exists outside the walls of a church; diversity is celebrated and women maintain the peace. This visionary world, unfortunately, is not reflected in the thin plot, the one-dimensional characters and their shallow interactions in the new film.


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