Oz in the news 3.12.13

thewizard75 Years Of Oz: See Fashion Evolve From The Wizard Of Oz To Oz The Great  James Franco‘s Oz owes his dapper look to the original Wizard, while in The Wiz, Richard Pryor wore a pair of sloppy pajamas that would never have gotten past the gates of the Emerald City. Glinda went from a fairy princess look to a glammed-up ’70s Good Witch and, for Michelle Wiliams’ character, got a modern update in a sleek white gown and gilded tiara.

How did ‘Wizard of Oz’ fare on its 1939 release?  “‘The Wizard of Oz’ was a moneymaker for its time,” noted William Stillman, co-author of “The Wizardry of Oz: The Artistry and Magic of the 1939 M-G-M Classic,” by email. “But with the average national ticket prices at 25 cents (more than half of its audiences were juvenile patrons who paid a dime or 15 cents), it was not expected to recoup its $3 million in production and promotion costs.”

Disney’s ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’ Ignites a Rivalry With ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Owner Warner Bros.  Currently, Warner Bros. has a new Wizard of Oz Blu-ray on the way, a TV show called Red Brick Road and tons of merchandise hoping to capitalize on one of their best known films. There is also the possibility one of the above features could be revived now that they know the public is open to Oz. That raises the question of public perception. Do general audiences realize Disney’s Oz isn’t the same at the Oz they’re familiar with? Do they even care? They might if Warner Bros. releases their own Oz movie and James Franco isn’t the Wizard. Or they might just want more Oz, period.

An ‘Oz’ clash of the titans  Various “Oz” toys manufactured by Jakks Pacific, a Malibu-based toymaker, are being peddled at Toys ‘R Us. The company also has licensed cosmetics company Urban Decay to make “Oz”-themed makeup available at Sephora (sample shades: “tornado” and “spell”) and has partnered with clothing designer Sue Wong on a line of dresses inspired by “Oz” costumes for sale at retailers such as Bloomingdale’s. Warner Bros., in competing with merchandising juggernaut Disney, will face its own hurdles as it releases new products. In addition to new Oz-oriented Barbie dolls and a Monopoly game, this year will see the company and its partners launch new Oz-centric housewares, stationery and even a coffee-table book, as well as a 3-D DVD re-release of “The Wizard of Oz,” all for the film’s upcoming 75th anniversary.

7 ‘Wizard of Oz’ Easter Eggs Hidden In ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’  4. “John Gale has asked me to marry him,” Annie tells Oz, which could mean that she’s Dorothy’s mother, or at the very least a close branch on the family tree. By the time “The Wizard of Oz” rolls around, Dorothy lives with Auntie Em and Uncle Henry. Perhaps Williams’ dual role — both Annie and the witch Glinda — will be further explored in the sequel to “Oz the Great and Powerful,” already in the works.


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