Oz in the News 3.11.13

Oz2_hi-res.jpgWatch the First ‘Wizard of Oz’ Film from 1910  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a quick and busy film. There’s lots of dancing and running around and what appears to be Imogene and Hank the mule humping a bale of hay (what is exactly going on there?). Like many films of the time, it looks like a mere recording of a stage work, aside from a few of the special effects, and unfortunately the preserved copy available online is without the original music. One version you can find has different titles and uses music from “The Nutcracker.”

Oz conjures up magic numbers at US box office  Sam Raimi’s film claimed the top spot with an $80.3m (£53.7m) tally, more than any movie has made on its North American debut so far this year. Oz was a wiz outside the US and Canada as well, amassing almost $70m (£47m) in other territories.

Is ‘Oz’ still the wonderful wizard we all know  Rotten Tomatoes’ Editor Matt Atchity on whether ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ recaptures the wonder and magic of the original.

How Does Oz the Great and Powerful Compare to The Wizard of Oz?In this episode of The Buzz, entertainment reporters Becky Kirsch and Shannon Vestal break down the similarities and differences between the two Oz films.

Oz the Great and Powerful: The Mild and Functional  The visuals are lovely. From the first moment when the opening credits roll, we are delighted with inventive yet nostalgic images. These credits are like watching an ever-changing penny arcade mutoscope, one of those wind-up movie machines from the turn of the last century. The 3D is used creatively and is well integrated with the story, giving an interesting upgrade to sets designed as an ode to the Victor Fleming original.


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