Oz in the News 3.9.13

Excitement over new “Oz” movie in L. Frank Baum’s birthplace of Chittenango  “It brings everything to the forefront. We’re so proud here in Chittenango because we’re the birthplace of L. Frank Baum. It all started here with the man that started this phenomenon,” said Oz-Stravaganza co-director Colleen Zimmer. Zimmer hopes all the attention the new movie is getting will bring extra fans to the village’s annual festival this summer. “It’s a great boost to our festival because it makes everybody think about Oz,” said Zimmer. “Watch the original movie – it just stirs it all up again.”

ZZ4B8A7FD9-550x502Interview: Sam Raimi Talks Making ‘Oz The Great And Powerful’, Sequels, Disneyland, Shooting 3D and More  “I tried to make it seem like a complete ending, so that the audience would be fulfilled, but at the same time, I made sure that Evenora got away with her wicked baboons and so did Theodora, so that anything is possible if they decided to make another one. I wanted them to be set up with the proper ammunition.”

‘Oz,’ The Great And Often Imitated  “It’s unlikely that anything will ever touch the 1939 version of The Wizard of Oz, says Jane Albright, a board member of the International Wizard of Oz club. “It’s so ingrained in our consciousness, and it is so beloved. The performances are perfect, the songs are brilliant. Everything about it is lovely.” Albright, who hails from Kansas City, collects Oz memorabilia, and she’s seen or knows of the many Oz versions. “We’ve had The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz; Tom and Jerry recently did the Wizard of Oz,” she says. “It’s been produced as a live-action film in Turkey. The Wizard of Oz is exceptionally popular in Russia, where children have their own series of original sequels to The Wizard of Oz that were produced beginning with Alexander Volkov’s first translation of the Wizard.

Disney ‘Wizard of Oz’ prequel features Flint native in famed Munchkin role  Director Sam Raimi hand-picked Lassiter after seeing the photo she submitted, she said. Dee Dee Allemon, assistant district director for Little People of America, said that 108 members of the organization tried out, and that 36 were chosen for the film. Crews shot scenes in Pontiac. “Jasmine doesn’t let size bother her everyday life,” Allemon said. “”…The thing that stood out about Jasmine is that she’s friendly, outgoing, and has a great personality.”

The Sad, Century-Long History of Terrible ‘Wizard of Oz’ Movies  The legacy of botched Oz movies is much older than most people realize, too. A silent film also titled The Wizard of Oz bombed in 1925. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz did the same in 1910. The list of duds goes on: The New Wizard of Oz, The Magic Cloak of Oz, and The Patchwork Girl of Oz. By the time Judy Garland was skipping down the yellow brick road in 1939, nearly a half dozen films adapted from L. Frank Baum’s fairytale had already premiered on screen and fizzled away.

‘Wizard of Oz’ Cowardly Lion costume could be yours (for a price)  Comisar, 48, is selling the costume, which he acquired about 20 years ago, to bolster his $35-million capital campaign to fund a Museum of Television in Phoenix, which would house his collection. “We are just starting to engage the entertainment community in building awareness for the museum goal,” said Comisar, who lives in Los Angeles.

Lions and tigers and genocide? Oh yes  Baum had been intrigued by Theosophy for years, and in 1890 — the year he called for the genocide of Native Americans — he wrote about the movement for his South Dakota newspaper. “The Theosophists, in fact, are the dissatisfied with the world, dissenters from all creeds,” Baum wrote. “They admit the existence of a God — not necessarily of a personal God. To them God is Nature and Nature is God.”

A Wonderful Wizard of Oz Wedding  In honor of the release of “Oz the Great and Powerful”, which hits theaters on Friday, take a look at Anna and Brandon’s beautiful wedding held at the Land of Oz, a mostly-defunct “Wizard of Oz” theme park in North Carolina. The theme park, which operated from 1970 to 1980, featured a cyclone experience ride within Dorothy’s house, a yellow brick road leading to a show at Emerald City, an artificial balloon ride (a modified ski lift), and a museum with props and costumes from the 1939 film. Today, the park can be booked for private events.


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  1. I wish there would be a note as to the source of each story so I wouldn’t have to click on the highlight to find it.

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