Oz in the News 3.7.13

0304-wizard-of-oz-laguna-beach-home-0-628x415Follow the Yellow Brick Road in This Wizard of Oz-Inspired Home  Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful will get the red carpet treatment on Friday, but it’s a Laguna Beach home with its own Yellow Brick Road that has us dreaming of little dogs, flying monkeys and ruby red slippers. We’ve seen some incredible movie-themed rooms over the years ranging from Batman man caves to Predator dance halls to complete bridge reproductions to the Starship Enterprise. However, the $4.7 million trophy home invites you to play the part of Dorothy and take a trip down one of the most cherished cobbled paths of all time with a movie room tribute to The Emerald City.

Temple Run Meets the Wizard of Oz  Imangi Studios and Disney collaborated for the Temple Run Oz. The character in in the game resembles James Franco, actor who played in the title role of the movie. Unlike the normal Yellow Brick Road found on the silver screen, the Temple Run Oz character is running away from grotesque monsters, tumbling over obstacles, sliding through dangers and fly away using the hot balloons similar to scenes in the movie. As the game goes on, the player could collect coins to increase his score and unlock more features.

‘The Wizard of Oz’ – Paused  Today’s entry is running as a contribution to Nathaniel’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” series at TheFilmExperience where several others have contributed their favorite shots from The Wizard of Oz as well.

The Wizard of Oz, still behind the curtain, lives on  Disney Press is reissuing the classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with a new introduction by Franco. “The Wizard is a showman, and I suppose that is what I am as an actor,” Franco writes. “So the Wizard’s journey is actually very similar to my own, even though he traverses the strange world of Oz while I work in the stranger world of Hollywood.” Baum’s The Marvelous Land of Oz (1904) is also being re-released by Disney Press. – Disney Press also published several titles tied to the new movie, including Oz The Great and Powerful Movie Storybook;World of Reading: The Land of Oz and The Art of Oz The Great and Powerful written by the film’s Executive Producer Grant Curtis.

Visionary ‘Oz’ is good, and that’s good enough  The whole movie was smart enough to just be good in a 21st century fantasy way and not even try to be great. Great was done once. For all time. The kids will enjoy this good one. Parents and grandparents won’t mind it. After that, there will be time for the kids to see the one that will stay in their heads for life – if they’re lucky.

Oz the Great and Powerful: Mostly, It’s Wicked Bad  There’s something road show, something very Kansas, about the enterprise. Some blame has to fall on the versatile Franco, who can convincingly inhabit almost any character (catch his drug-lord dude in Spring Breakers, also opening in March) but who lacks the con-man star quality of his sleaze turned superhero. His gummy smile is the rictus of a poseur second class; his musk is of flop sweat. When one hears that Robert Downey Jr. and Johnny Depp were in talks to play the lead role, one imagines the giddy, crafty showmanship Oscar could have embodied. Downey or Depp might have infused Oz the Great and Powerful with the charis-magic that eludes a movie that is not Great and, only toward the end, barely grazes Good.


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