Oz in the News 2.25.13

2Reimagining Oz: Skater Artist Michael Sieben Illustrates New Edition of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz “Elizabeth Sullivan, an editor at Harper Collins, found my work in a Juxtapoz Illustration annual and thought I’d be a good match for the project. She contacted me out of the blue and pitched the idea, and I said yes with zero hesitation.  I felt like I’d already been drawing some of the characters, specifically the scarecrow and the lion. I rarely draw feminine characters in my work, so developing the art for Dorothy proved to be a bit challenging, but other than that it was a pretty seamless project to work on. It’s always been a dream of mine to illustrate children’s books. I feel like I started at the top with this one; nowhere to go but down from here. It was definitely the most intense project I’ve worked on so far. Over 60 illustrations from concept [to] sketch to completion in three months, which coincided with the birth of my son. Crazy days.  I hid my son’s initials in one of the spreads.”


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