Oz in the News 2.21.13

Wicked Author Gregory Maguire is Headed Out of Oz  “When I was signing books, a woman came up to me. She was very tall, she had on a trenchcoat and a brim-snapped hat, and she came to me and she peered down into my face, and she said, ‘I have a confession to make.’ I said, ‘Yes?’ She looked this way, she looked that. She said, ‘I’m from the official international Wizard of Oz club, and I’ve come to spy on you and report back to our minions. But … I’ve become a convert!’ And then she threw off her hat and bought three books and had them all signed for her mother and her husband and her children. I think that’s sort of what happened. It took the Oz people a little bit longer to realize, yes, I was playing around with sacred material, but not in any way to disgrace the original material, just actually to make it seem richer and to make its richness make more sense.”


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