Oz in the News 2.7.13

WIZ-book-1-thumb-620x365-54358The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: Artist Michael Sieben updates the children’s classic with characteristically kooky illustrations  Encouraging one’s imagination to take control, Sieben’s illustrations and hand lettering pepper the more-than-200-page book with cartoonish figures and colorful landscapes that are at once cute and vaguely macabre—a distinct style that seems to compliment Baum’s admittedly dark tale rather well. This balance of slightly dark and playful imagery is only enhanced by Sieben’s choice of colors, resulting in a highly stylized aesthetic that appeals to adults and children alike.

Boom in all things Oz is wizard  Experts are to shine a light on the remarkable longevity of a series of classic children’s stories told over a century ago, at a special event tomorrow.  The event is the latest organised by her company Hic Dragones, which brings together creative writing professionals and academics.  Delivering the keynote lecture at the event is Geoff Ryman, University of Manchester lecturer and author of the best selling Was-  also inspired by Baum’s tales. Gregory McGuire, who wrote the best-selling book on which the hit West End musical is based will be speaking to the gathering via Skype. The musical will be touring the UK for the first time this year. Ryman, who is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Was this year, said: “No-one knew what to do with Baum’s books because they are genuinely child-centred.  “The MGM film is a Quasi religious epic about a trip to the land of the dead.”


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