Oz in the News 1.15.13

20130114wizardofoz_largeToronto Wizard of Oz opens to tepid reviews  The Globe’s reviewer Kelly Nestruck found the production occasionally dazzling, but was not convinced Wade could carry the role of Dorothy. “In scene after scene, Wade keeps hitting the same note — whiny rather than yearning,” he wrote. “The 20-year-old from LaSalle, Ont., has adopted a girlish voice for Dorothy that often feels very put on. This impression is only increased by her poor posture: She’s always slightly hunched over, as if she’s worried that she’s too tall for the part.”

The Wizard of Oz cast is great but visuals need help: Review  The best adjective to describe a lot of the proceedings is “twee” and from the moment where the twister carries us to Oz (courtesy of projections that a friend rightly pegged as reminiscent of a 1980s episode of DoctorWho) and then deposits us into a world of Munchkins dressed like Mennonites with a penchant for Wedgwood blue, who dance as though they suffered from osteoporosis, it’s hard to feel much empathy for anyone or anything. In short, it’s a visual mess, despite its almost needy desire to dazzle and it’s hard to find much redemption in Lloyd Webber and Sams’s adaptation of the book.

Wizard Of Oz never quite takes flight  Despite all the reality TV show hype surrounding the casting of the lead, the role isn’t that compelling. Sure, Dorothy gets a new Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice song called Nobody Understands Me – the lyrics are just as banal and on-the-nose as that title suggests – and endless reprises of Over The Rainbow, but there’s no theatre equivalent of the camera close-up to show you Judy Garland’s doe eyes and trembling lips.


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