Oz in the News 1.11.13

OZ Scoring Session - Danny ElfmanComposing wizard Danny Elfman talks sweeping, gigantic ‘Oz’ score  A full orchestra played along to the sequences while Elfman, nursing a cold with a mug of green tea, sat beside his orchestrator Steve Bartek at a massive sound board, offering various suggestions to the musicians. “I need a little more of the bassoon”; “Let’s try playing the trombone — oh, what’s the word — a little straighter?” “Danny has a grand arsenal of musical abilities,” Raimi said in a separate interview. “He’s able to create a sweeping gigantic sound that can really describe a tremendous scale and help us create this very unique world that Frank Baum wrote about, the land of Oz.” Elfman hadn’t worked on one of Raimi’s film since 2004’s “Spider-Man 2,” but in his studio, the composer said the score came “lightning fast” — he wrote the bulk of the music in only about six weeks.

Cultural Arts Commission Endorses Wizard Of Oz Weekend  The focal point of the weekend will be a complimentary advanced screening of “Oz: The Great and Powerful,” which is Disney’s new film starring James Franco, Michelle Williams, Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis. The feature was directed by Sam Raimi of “Spider-Man I, II and III” fame. “Oz: The Great and Powerful” will be shown simultaneously on all three screens at Coronado’s Village Theatre. There is no charge for the screening, but tickets are required. The attendance capacity is 275 people. The Coronado tie-in to the Wizard of Oz is of course author L. Frank Baum, who wrote significant portions of his original book in and around Coronado. One of the WOW events scheduled for Friday at 6 p.m., is a wine reception, lecture and book signing featuring author Roger Baum, the great-grandson of L. Frank. Saturday there will be a Wizard’s Breakfast from 10 a.m., to noon at 1101 Star Park Circle. This part of the weekend is billed as a ‘kid-friendly’ event and will include face-painting, characters in costume, as well as a ‘Dorothy and Toto Look Alike’ contest.


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