Oz in the News 12.28.12

winkiesOff to see the wonderful Wizard of Oz – in Irvine  What’s the South Winkie Get Together? It’s an informal conference and lunch for the local branch of the International Wizard of Oz Club. On Jan. 12, they’ll be meeting in Irvine to celebrate all aspects of L. Frank Baum’s “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” and the books that followed. At the Irvine meeting, Baum’s great-grandson, Robert Baum, will appear. He performs as his great-grandfather — there is a family resemblance — and has become a regular at Oz events, including the dedication of a Toto memorial at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Those who attend the South Winkie Get Together can participate in an Oz memorabilia show-and-tell. There will also be vendors on hand, Robert Baum, and Kirk Kushin, author of the graphic novel OZopolis. Tickets are $25 and include lunch.

Supreme Holiday Weirdness: Rankin, Bass, and L. Frank Baum ask, Should We Just Let Santa Die Already?  Doom? Wind demons? Chanting in Latin? These things alone should be enough to convince that you haven’t done Christmas right until you’ve done Christmas with L. Frank Frickin’ Baum (whose profound and awe-inspiring weirdness is overlooked far too often by the general population). This year, do yourself a favor and check out Baum’s book, the inspired Rankin/Bass production (which is as visually gorgeous as it is bizarre), or some combination thereof; the holidays will never seem quite the same again…


One response to “Oz in the News 12.28.12

  1. we really hope to see you there!!

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