Oz in the News 12.3.12

Is Central New York really the Land of Oz?  “This particular property is very significant,” Kathleen Sorbello-DiScenna, a 30 year Central New York L. Frank Baum historian, says. “If the two of them hadn’t met, there may have never been a writing of the Wizard of Oz, and there wouldn’t have been anything other than that, not even a Wicked.”

Comic Review: The Wizard Of Oz (Sterling Graphics)  This would make for a fine gift for kids, even though Caldwell’s artwork seems a bit estranged from the normal look of the Oz characters, but will enjoy his work more on his original series of The Dare Detectives. Oz purists might not agree with the changes in the story even though they are slightly minor, aside from leaving out the entire last quarter of the book on the quest to Glinda’s castle. Either way, the kids should like it.

Trio of Totos putting best paws forward for Toronto’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’  The nine-year-old wire-haired stage veteran (this is her fifth play) also has a leg up on some of her cast members in building a fanbase through her Facebook page (under Tilley Shevchenko). And she’s found a solid support base in her Florida-based boyfriend. “His name is Nugget and he’s her biggest fan,” Terry Shevchenko, Tilley’s owner and handler, said this week as Mirvish Productions gave members of the media a sneak preview of rehearsals for the show. “He’s a Norfolk terrier, too. … They hang out every time we go to Florida.”

Review: Judy – A Legendary Film Career  All of the stories about Judy and pills, Judy and her suicide attempts, Judy and her weight problems, Judy’s burned out career all started taking precedence over Judy Garland the actress and singer. Stripping away all the sensationalized muck about Judy Garland reveals the brilliant career of a uniquely gifted woman. The new book Judy: A Legendary Film Career by John Fricke helps rescue the artist Judy Garland from all the garbage that has been written about her for years. This magnificent coffee table book is sensational.


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