Oz in the News 11.27.12

Grover Norquist Portrayed As The Wizard Of Oz  Artist Michael D’Antuono has painted anti-taxi activist Grover Norquist as a Wizard of Oz-like disembodied head with Republican politicians bowing before him as an elephant burns, to symbolize Norquist’s powerful position in the Republican party. D’Antuono previously stirred some light controversy in 2009 with a painting of President Obama wearing a crown of thorns.

Warner Bros Wants Zemeckis For ‘Wizard Of Oz’ Remake Based On Original MGM Script  Warner Bros is in early talks with Robert Zemeckis to direct a live-action remake of the The Wizard of Oz and plans to use the original script from the 1939 classic. Warner Bros owns the screenplay because Ted Turner bought it along with the MGM library before Warner Bros bought Turner’s empire.

‘The Wizard of Oz’: Why It’s One of Oprah’s Favorite Stories  “I remember I was probably 7 or 8 years old when I figured out [“The Wizard of Oz”] was more than just a story about the yellow brick road,” Oprah says. “I remember when I realized [Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion] were her friends and the yellow brick road means going up the path and looking outside of yourself and that it’s always right here.”


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