Oz in the News 10.25.12

Haunted house at Granite Museum takes ‘Oz’ theme to extreme  After a “month of Sundays” – not to mention Tuesdays and Thursdays – Cadorette says that is precisely what The Haunters Guild is ready to do, and she dares folks who doubt her to come and experience “The Evil Side of Oz” during a two-night run that will start Friday at the Vermont Granite Museum. “Robert (Badeau) does the first side, Scott (Wilson) has the end and we worry about what’s in the middle,” Cadorette says of a haunted house that will feature a “Dorothy (or at least parts of her) in every room,” not to mention a “floater” to keep visitors on their toes as they make their way through the carefully crafted maze that includes nearly a dozen distinct rooms and a couple of creepy hallways. When it comes to haunted houses, Cadorette has come to believe there’s no place like the museum – a spacious old stone shed with a dirt floor that, with a little bit of effort and the right materials, is big enough to be turned into just about anything or anywhere. Thanks to Badeau’s ingenuity, the motor from a Gen-Air range, some PVC pipe, and a pint-sized army of “zombie munchkins” folks will enter “The Evil Side of Ozz” in the midst of a chaotic tornado and leave it after Wilson gets a crack at them. Wilson is the man behind the big finish to “The Evil Side of Ozz,” and he says he’s just itching to introduce folks to the inhabitants of his warped version of the “Emerald City” – the one that is located at the very end of “the Bloody Brick Road” and is home to, among others, a “butcher, a baker and a people pie maker.”


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