Oz in the News 10.10.12

Judy Garland’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ Dress up for Auction  Celebrity auctioneer Darren Julien says Judy Garland’s original costume from “The Wizard of Oz” could sell for half a million dollars when it hits the auction block next month. Judy Garland Dress. The white puff-sleeve blouse and blue gingham pinafore has inspired countless Halloween costumes since the film was released in 1939. Although several identical dresses were made for the production, the dress to be sold is the only version seen in the film and the only complete original dress to survive. The outfit will be on view at London’s Stafford Hotel beginning Tuesday, before being exhibited at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills, Calif., Nov. 5-9, prior to the auction Nov. 9-10.

The Wizard of Oz book used tonight on Revolution  The episode begins showing the mother reading the story (WOZ) to her kids before the blackout and all during the blackout she kept the book with her but we didnt know that as viewers until the end. She was walking from coast to coast trying to get home, back to her two boys in England, no electricity anywhere so she was stuck here. Tonight’s episode showed more of her backstory and showed flashbacks as this is just the 4th episode. She gets attacked and stabbed and will bleed out and die but before she dies she will makes peace with the fact that the new family she’s meet helped her and saved her from going crazy from the loss of not seeing her kids. She become the kids stepmother after the backout and shows they somewhat happy. The last scene shows a compnion pulling out The Wonderful Wizard of Oz from her backpack and it is just sad telling her real kids about home and there no place like home, it was really touching for a science fiction show.


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