Oz in the News 10.2.12

Culver City’s 94-foot-tall rainbow pays homage to ‘Wizard of Oz’  “We are excited to bring to life something that would likely make Harry Culver and Judy Garland smile, as well as historians,” said Keith Weaver, executive vice president of worldwide government affairs for Sony Pictures. The 8-foot-thick rainbow was constructed off site and then shipped in 40-foot sections to Sony Pictures on flatbed trailers in early September, said John Baker, partner with Carlson Arts LLC, the firm that built the piece. The final section of the arch — weighing about 60,000 pounds — was hoisted into place by two cranes a week ago. That process, including setup and installation, took 19 1/2 hours, Baker said.

Will Middlebrooks Dresses as Dorothy From ‘Wizard of Oz’ as Red Sox Rookies Jump on Hazing Train  The Red Sox joined the Major League Baseball trend of hazing rookies with creative dress-up demands on Sunday, ordering their youngsters to wear some pretty special cheerleader garb as they rode the train to New York. (Quite a few players ended up getting the rookie treatment — but that makes sense, considering the Red Sox called up just about their entire farm system during the injury-plagued year.) But one rookie — standout third baseman Will Middlebrooks — was singled out to take it a step further. He was decked out like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, complete with a short dress, knee socks and a little basket.


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