Oz in the News 9.29.12

Marvel’s ROAD TO OZ a Personal Journey for Series Writer  The Road to Oz was the first of Baum’s Oz books that I ever read. (Actually my parents read it to me because I was still learning to read.) So I’m excited to be adapting the whole thing for comics readers, since it has a personal resonance in my life and love for Oz. It’s also the first Oz book we’ve adapted that, as far as I can think, hasn’t ever been adapted to another medium before. There’s a Little Golden Book abridgement and there are audio versions, but it’s one of the Oz books that gets passed over for adaptation. That’s because the plot isn’t very strong. The strength of The Road to Oz lies in the characters, and the new main characters are really good ones: the Shaggy Man, Button-Bright and Polychrome. They all have well-defined personalities and I think readers will have a fun time going on this adventure with them.

Andrew Lloyd Webber talks Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, The Wizard of Oz and Over the Rainbow If you had an hour to sit down privately with Andrew Lloyd Webber, would you ask him all about the high points of his career? Don’t. The disasters are much more fun. We’re here because of Over the Rainbow, the CBC-TV reality show that will cast the lead role of Dorothy in the Mirvish version of Lloyd Webber’s hit production of The Wizard of Oz, which starts in December. It is the eighth such TV program he’s done in recent years. He says they’re “all different, yet somehow the same.” The night before the interview, he had to trim the 20 potential Dorothys down to 10 and he didn’t enjoy the task. “They’re all so young, so talented and still so very impressionable. One knows that no matter how nicely one lets them go, they’re going to be very hurt.


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