Oz in the News 9.27.12

Munchkin returning to visit Wamego’s Oztoberfest  Margaret Pelligrini, one of the original Munchkins in the 1939 MGM motion picture “The Wizard of Oz,” will be the featured guest at Oztoberfest, Sept. 29 and 30. “Margaret has been with us nearly every year of our festival,” said Salina Morgan, manager of the Oz Museum. “She will have celebrated her 89th birthday just a few days before our festival, but she is determined to come and be a part of our celebration.”

Wizard of Oz: Three Ontario terriers to share Toto role in Andrew Lloyd Webber production  Toto is indeed a coveted canine role, as is evident by those vying for the honourary title on CBC’s talent show Over the Rainbow, a nation-widesearch for who will star as Dorothy onstage. In the spirit of that search, the show’s production team thought it would be fun to also have Canada select its favourite Toto. Ten pooches were chosen at Woofstock, the continent’s largest festival for dogs. Each week, there will be an elimination round following a Toto challenge, which includes doggie tricks and sports. Judges will whittle down the selection to the top three. Then it’s up to viewers to vote. “We picked the dogs that were lovable — all sizes, all breeds — and we’ve laughed and enjoyed the process of working with them so much,” said Don Weiner, executive producer of Over the Rainbow, which airs Sundays and Mondays. “The Totos have been a real highlight for us. We’ve really fallen in love with them.”


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