Oz in the News 9.19.12

New Pixar Vinylmations Including ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’  Disney collectors lose their minds for Vinylmations: three inch tall molds of Mickey Mouse painted in all kinds of different ways. Some Vinylmations are simply just artistic designs, others are specific to certain places or brands, but they’re only sold in Disney parks and stores. That, along with some characters being rarer than others and entire lines being regularly retired, make for very collectible pieces of Disney merchandise. Disney has just revealed the latest set of Vinylmations and it’s focused on their tiny animation studio in northern California: Pixar. Characters from all of Pixar’s movies have been adapted into the Vinylmation mold from A Bug’s Life, to Wall-E, Finding Nemo and Ratatouille. There’s even a set for 2013′s Oz the Great and Powerful.

Dominic Wilcox’s Designer Shoes Make Dorothy’s Red Slippers A Reality  More than likely you’ve seen Wizard of Oz. In the movie, Dorothy’s ruby red slippers ‘magically’ have the ability to transport her home with just three clicks. British designer Dominic Wilcox has decided to build on that concept creating GPS shoes that literally can guide you home with the click of the heels. Inside the heels is a GPS unit that is activated when they click together. The toes start to twinkle, thanks to a circle of LED lights. These lights than point in the direction in which you should be traveling to get home.

Review: Lexington Children’s Theatre’s ‘Oz’ imaginatively goes inside famous tale  In the case of Oz, playwright Patrick Shanahan takes it one step further. His script not only takes the audience back to the original version of L. Frank Baum’s book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, complete with silver shoes instead of the film version’s ruby slippers, but directly into the author’s world: The entire play is set in one room of Baum’s 1899 Chicago home. Imaginatively staged and performed, Oz achieves more than storytelling but shows the audience how to find inspiration in our everyday surroundings.

Wizard of Oz tryouts  London actor Cassandra Hodgins has survived the first round of cuts on the CBC show Over The Rainbow. The 17-year-old London actor cracked the top 10 actors vying for the role of Dorothy in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new production of The Wizard of Oz opening for previews in December at Ed Mirvish Theatre in Toronto. Every Sunday, the show features individual and group performances of the actors in front of a panel of judges (including Webber) with the public voting for their favourite Dorothy on the CBC television website, www.cbc.ca/overtherainbow/.

Youngstars2.com’s The Wizard of Oz Show returns to the Concourse  Kids can rap with the tinman, roar like a lion, wake up the sleepy Shakey the scarecrow, and dance with Dorothy in this interactive, new adaptation of one of the world’s best-loved fairy tales. “Our shows are really about inviting kids to get up and move around, to relate to our music and to laugh and have a great time,” director Brian Laul says. Kids are invited to come dressed as their favourite characters.


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