Oz in the News 9.17.12

Character Designs For Japanese Oz Toys  A very interesting project depicting the research and art designs behind creating a Tin-Man toy to be produced in Japan.


Local actress on Yellow Brick Road, hopes to meet the Wizard of Oz She’s off to see the Wizard … and Winnipegger Colleen Furlan has her sights set on collecting the prize that waits at the end of the Yellow Brick Road. “It would make my whole life,” said the 19-year-old musical-theatre performer, who today will be named as one of the Top 10 finalists in the CBC reality/competition series Over the Rainbow. “An opportunity like this doesn’t come along very often, especially for a young performer who’s just trying to break into the business. Basically, being on a show like this, and winning it, would make your whole career. I would be so grateful, because I really can’t see myself doing anything else other than performing.”

Over the Rainbow: Andrew Lloyd Webber chooses shortlist for Wizard of Oz reality show  Why Barbados for The Wizard of Oz? Wouldn’t Kansas have been more appropriate? Ah, but Sir Andrew doesn’t have a home in Kansas and he does in Barbados. In fact, his estate this evening was where the 20 candidates were being cut. “This is the eighth program of this type I’ve done over the years,” Lloyd Webber said the following afternoon, unwinding over a glass of white wine in a local hotel, “and they’re all different and yet somehow they’re the same. The secret is in trying to get to the essence of just what this particular role needs from the person you cast in it.”

Wizard of Oz parade blows into Chesterton  Dan Thome and his family have been coming to Chesterton’s Wizard of Oz Festival for the past 23 years, traveling from Grand Rapids, Mich., with his mother Pat, his aunt, and an entourage of friends in tow since 1989. But this year, Thome says a new family member has been officially added to the caravan, and Saturday morning’s parade was only one way they were celebrating with their dog who made the trip. The dog’s name? Toto, of course. “I’m a huge fan of the Wizard of Oz and we love coming here. Toto is making his debut this year and was blessed by Munchkin Margaret Pelligrini (Flower Pot Lady). It’s just such a nice little hometown here with friendly people and we stay all weekend,” Thome said.


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