Oz in the News 9.4.12

Dorothy’s roots traced to 4th century  Dorothy peaked in 1920 as the second most popular name in the United States, keeping that rank until 1928. This was just the time when little girls who had read about Dorothy Gale when she was first popular would be having their own daughters. Dorothy stayed in the top 10 in the United States until 1940, and in the top hundred until 1962. It continued to fall until it left the top thousand in 2007. Though baby boomers all knew Dorothy Gale from repeated TV presentations of the 1939 movie during their childhoods, they wouldn’t name daughters after her. They had too many grandmothers and aunts named Dorothy to think of it as a good baby name.

Tully children’s author will see his ‘Oz’ book published nationally  Children’s book author Richard Mickelson, of Tully, has a happy ending in his longtime effort to land a national publisher, and he can thank a famous wizard.  He sent the company a manuscript for children’s book “The Wizard of Oz: Where Is He Now?” The story features the same characters from the L. Frank Baum classic but in a new plot about a Munchkin stowaway who attempts to return to Kansas with Dorothy. “They’ll publish anything if it’s ‘Wizard of Oz,’ because just the name sells the book,” he said.


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