Oz in the News 8.30.12

What if… it was the Hipsters of Oz?  Since every generation has gleefully embraced The Wizard of Oz, it got us thinking… Suppose the story was told through the lens of one of the most prominent groups of today’s generation: hipsters. What if we put on a pair of magical vintage Wayfarers, ones that gave us “Hipster Vision,” and revisited this timeless classic? Would Dorothy have packed a thermos of coffee in her courier bag before embarking on her journey? Would the Cowardly Lion have proudly sported bed head? Would the Scarecrow have stuffed his straw into skinny jeans?

28 years later…. an Oz Club Member!  You would have thought that given I have been a major lover of all things Oz since I was about 5, I would have joined the Oz club sooner rather than take 28 years. Well I did nearly join on a couple of occasions but ultimately I never got around to it. I think this has a lot to do with feeling a little disconnected from other Oz fans, the Oz club was there online as well a few Oz fans, but I never really felt a connection with the Oz Club in the UK, there are not so many of us who are fan’s of the Oz series of books in the UK. I’m certainly not aware of any conventions ever happening in the UK, so it can be quite solitary being an Oz fan collector over here.

No Place like Home – Wizard of Oz Festival marks 31 years ‘Over The Rainbow’  The Wizard of Oz Festival is an important event for the people of Chesterton. Through the years it has grown in size, drawing thousands of Wizard of Oz fans from across the country and from places as far away as Poland. “We’ve received calls from all four corners of the U.S. from people telling us about all the memories they’ve had here,” said Machelle Blount, one of the people who helped organize this year’s festival. “The community has been very supportive.”


2 responses to “Oz in the News 8.30.12

  1. Dewey Davis-Thompson

    Well, I bet the modern Munchkins would listen to Sleepyhead by Passion Pit. Or maybe it is actually performed by them?

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  2. Thanks for the link of course the Ozmapoliitan is added I’m a regular reader on here!

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