Oz in the News 8.16.12

Wizard of Oz Club convention returns to Holland after 25 years This weekend, about 100 “Oz” fans will gather to discuss the islands, castles and homes that attracted Baum to the close-knit community in the early 1900s. They will visit the site of his former three-story home in Macatawa Park, walk the trails he walked, and see the steamship landing that welcomed Baum from Chicago each summer from about 1898 to 1909. “This year’s convention is a little bit more historical,” Kathleen Di Scenna, the club’s chairperson, said.

Sony’s Oz-Somely Huge Rainbow Art  Culver City is the place over the rainbow (actually, Culver is both sides of the rainbow, if you want to get technical). “The Wizard of Oz” began production on the Sony Pictures Studio lot, making rainbows and the city forever entwined. Now an actual colorful arch will stand on the very lot where “Oz” shot in the form of artist Tony Tasset’s “Rainbow.” And, like a real rainbow, it will have a rather impressive size: The artwork will be “94 feet across by 188 feet tall.” The mega bow will, in fact, span the distance between Thalberg building and Madison Gate, if you know your studio layout. If you aren’t as familiar, the stretch is impressive.

Wizard of Oz Stylized Bridal Shower  When I walked into the house, I couldn’t help but instantly smile at the transformation and welcoming sweet smell of fresh blossoms.  Nicole of Blooms of Hope had stylized a bridal shower she was throwing for a friend.  The décor was not just your ordinary shower details – it was a sophisticated twist on the Wizard of Oz in every.single.room.  From a glowing yellow brick road, haystacks, ruby blooms, and perfectly colored drinks, it was a feast for the eyes.  Joanna of Three Little Birds Studio designed the most gorgeous bridal shower invitations, drink tags and cards reflecting quotes from the movie.  There were details tucked within the blooms and in the small spaces in each room.  Seriously amazing.  Seriously.  It was absolutely gorgeous and I could not get enough of photographing their vision and work. You can only imagine the reaction when the bride-to-be and her guests arrived!

Wizard of Oz hits Bacchus Marsh  FROM Dorothy and Toto to the Tin Man and cowardly Lion, Bacchus Mash will be transformed into its very own Wizard of Oz. As part of the shire’s annual Literacy Trail on August 30, children and adults alike will let their imaginations run wild as they walk the wonder trail of Oz down Main St.  The Literacy Trail also includes a host of colourful characters on the day including stilt police, circus dogs, a magic chef, fire juggling, story telling, and the police band.




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