Oz in the News 8.11.12

Mapleton triplets put faith in Wizard of Oz garden  The Wizard of Oz Garden got its start in 2002 when the park board director noticed that a 3/4 acre area in Butler Haynes Park needed some sprucing up. He asked Ekvall if she had any ideas. Ekvall took the question to the Hollis Park District Garden Club. They quickly came up with an idea for a children’s garden. “Looking at the lay of the property, you could just see the Wizard of Oz Garden,” she said. It took 425 brick-faced stepping stones to create the yellow brick road, which was installed by volunteer Frank Sanders, Ekvall said. Sanders’ wife Wanda and Ekvall hauled the pavers as Sanders worked. “It took almost the whole summer,” Ekvall said. A coat of yellow paint completed the look. At the same time, other volunteers put in garden beds to represent the various scenes in the movie.

‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’ the most flat-out fun ever, says Rachel Weisz  “I got to shoot lightning out of my fingertips, fly around in a black-sequinned dress and wear lots of red lipstick. It was a complete antidote to doing Bourne – not that Bourne needed an antidote.” She said of the action film: “The stunts were terrifying. There were weeks spent on the back of a motorcycle, with Jeremy [Renner] riding it, jumping over intersections and down staircases, and jumping off bridges in harnesses and onto moving buses.


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