Oz in the News 6.25.12

Everything Oz Book Review  Although ‘Everything Oz’ gives you all the tools you need to create the ultimate themed party, many of the projects can be used for other things.    The Great Wizards Throne Tent would for example make quite an addition to any boudoir or would turn an outdoor seating area into a luxurious hide-away. Unlike it’s predecessor  ‘Everything Alice’ which contained some slightly mad (see what we did there) fashion ideas, the clothing and accessory projects in ‘Everything Oz’ are incredibly wearable, especially the beautiful Poppy T-Shirt, great for using up small pieces of fabric.

CBC-TV’s Over the Rainbow narrows down field of Dorothys  On Thursday, Bridel was one step closer to that dream as she and 87 other Dorothy hopefuls from across Canada attended callback auditions for CBC-TV’s upcoming series Over the Rainbow, which is searching for a lead in a Toronto production of The Wizard of Oz that’s set to open at the Ed Mirvish Theatre in December. “This has been an amazing experience so far,” said Bridel. “I mean, these girls are SO talented, so talented, and so nice. It’s not as much of a competition as it is an amazing experience. “It’s a joy ride, you know what I mean?” The callback auditions were held to pick the Top 20, who will get to a “Dorothy Farm” and meet the musical’s legendary co-creator, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Wizard of Oz collection at Linden Hill product of a decades-long friendship with the Musser family  The Musser family’s involvement with the 1939 movie production of “The Wizard of Oz” began with Laura Jane Musser’s grandfather. Peter Musser was a friend of author L. Frank Baum, who wrote “The Wizard of Oz.” “Peter Musser was an investor in the movie, and because of that, Laura Jane visited the movie set,” said Pat Sharon, chair of the Historical Preservation Committee of the nonprofit Friends of Linden Hill. “Laura Jane became fast friends with Margaret Hamilton, who came many times to stay at the Musser Mansion,” Sharon said. Correspondence and memorabilia in Laura Jane Musser’s collection give evidence to their friendship. There is a photo from “The Wizard of Oz” production signed by Hamilton on display, and Laura Jane called Hamilton “Maggie.” Musser and Hamilton travelled to Hawaii together, staying at the Royal Hawaiian.

Mapping the Oz genome  Earlier this week, Slate’s Lexicon Valley podcast examined the question of writers’ individual style and whether they are distinctive enough to be recognized. Intuition tells us that they should be, at least among writers who have worked to develop a particular voice that could be identified by their devotees. But, as hosts Mike Vuolo and Bob Garfield explain, a mathematician has done a study to scrutinize the words used by authors to determine whether they have identifiable “fingerprints.” Using L. Frank Baum and his Wizard of Oz series as a jumping off point, they describe how after Baum’s death, his publisher had another writer, Ruth Plumly Thompson, take over the series—though the fifteenth book in the series, the first published after Baum had died, still credited him as the author, with the note that it was “enlarged and edited by Ruth Plumly Thompson.” There has been question over whether that book, The Royal Book of Oz, was Baum’s last or Thompson’s first in the series (she went on to write and receive full credit for twenty additional Oz books), further complicated by the fact that Thompson was likely emulating Baum’s style in order to keep the series consistent.

First Look At Sam Raimi’s Oz The Great And Powerful  The first promotional image for Sam Raimi‘s next reveals the lead character and his plot-crucial hot air balloon. Basically, it’s The Franco in a top hat.


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