Oz in the News 6.10.12

“Garlands for Judy” Goes Digital  The first edition of “Garlands for Judy” was published in November 1995 by Scott Schechter.  In it, Scott stated: “Whenever it is warranted, the majority of the pages will deal with the current audio and video releases (along with other mediums) to preserve and present this legacy today (with the look back at various career activities saved for times when there is not much “new” product being issued).”  This new version will do the same.

37th annual Judy Garland Festival  How do you create the world’s largest collection of memorabilia honoring a legendary star of television and film in a northern Minnesota community? John Kelsch, director of the Judy Garland Museum, will tell this story as part of this year’s 37th annual Judy Garland Festival, June 14 through 16, in Grand Rapids.

First footage of Wizard of Oz Pinball from E3  Jersey Jack Pinball has surprised us by taking a production Wizard of Oz Pinball machine to E3. As such, some videos are already out on the net showing the game in action (in narrowvision unfortunately). But I think it’s great that JJP is reaching out to new players at a convention where the focus is typically on home console gaming. These videos only show the attract mode, with an impressive array of multi-colored LEDs, which once again shows a feature they have been willing to bring to pinball that has otherwise been ignored.

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