Oz in the News 5.24.12

Rare Wizard Of Oz Movable Book Pops-Up In Marketplace   A scarce, complete, first edition, first state copy of The Wizard of Oz Waddle Book (1934) – one of the rarest of all movable books – has come into the marketplace.  Not only are all six waddle figures present, four of them have not been punched-out from the background sheet and are as new. The accompanying yellow brick road ramp for Dorothy, the Wizard, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Lion, and Toto to waddle upon is also present. This is extraordinary; the figures and ramp usually wound up as confetti within days after children their hands on them.

‘No Place Like Home’ puts a horror twist on ‘Wizard of Oz’  Tirotto’s first exposure to Oz as a boy was watching the classic film with his grandmother. Every Saturday, she’d greet him with a pile of comic books and candy, and they’d watch an old movie together. Seeing The Wizard of Oz on screen with her led him to diving into Baum’s prose. The flying monkeys scared some kids, but not Tirotto. “I thought they were so cool with their little waistcoats, plus they could fly!” he says. “I was fascinated at the thought of an army of those little winged creatures causing chaos on an unsuspecting world.”

‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Works Its Magic On ‘Hollywood Treasure’: Judy Garland’s Ruby Slippers Sell For $2 Million  Although four pairs of the slippers are known to exist, these were the actual ones that Garland clicked her heels in during the “there’s no place like home” scene at the end of the movie. The slippers had “Judy Garland” written in the lining and, most excitingly of all, “what appear to be very slight circular scuff marks. And that would of course be from when Judy — clicking her heels.”

Omaha Children’s Museum turns to community for innovation  Inside the museum last Friday, workers were beginning the process of installing the newest temporary exhibit, “The Wizard of Oz.” Some were constructing an oven for Dorothy’s Kansas farmhouse – though the printed directions were causing a few furrowed brows – while others zip-tied thick netting around a still-empty ball pit, and another group painted pillars.


One response to “Oz in the News 5.24.12

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