Oz in the News 5.23.12

The Wiyos to perform Oz-inspired Twist at Club Helsinki in Hudson   In a short online documentary about the making of Twist, one band member conjectures that their concept-album ambitions (Twist is a song cycle based loosely on The Wizard of Oz) in some ways jostled the Wiyos out of their familiar ways of working and writing, out of the corner into which they might have painted themselves. The grueling challenge of the cycle provided just enough resistance and discomfort.

‘Dorothy’ auditions to begin for Canadian production of “Wizard of Oz”  Starting the first week in June, regional auditions will be held across Canada. Over the summer, the panel of judges, including Andrew Lloyd Webber, will narrow down the list to 10. In September, those 10 will then appear live in the CBC show, “Over the Rainbow,” with the winner chosen by Canadians. The show debuts at the Ed Mirvish Theatre in December.  Auditions will be held in Toronto at the Glen Gould Studios on June 18. If you can’t audition in-person, you can submit your work online here.

James Franco Enjoys Being ‘Attached To Iconic’ Parts Like ‘Oz’  “Disney is a place that’s been a big part of my life, and a lot of people’s lives, since I was a kid. ‘The Wizard of Oz’ has also been a huge part of my life. The [L. Frank] Baum books were some of the first books I read on my own, so I like being attached to something as iconic as this.”

Confessions of a Lifelong-Heroine Addict….(oh well, since I was 6 or 8 I guess, probably not so much before that…)…from Dorothy Gale to Katniss Everdeen  The path of fictional heroines from Dorothy Gale’s grey home in Kansas to Katniss Everdeen’s equally grey home in District 12 of Panem took 108 years….from the first publication of the Wizard of Oz in 1900 through the appearance of archer Katniss Everdeen  Hunger Games in 2008….is really the history of the idealistic dreams and ultimate failure of the 20th century (idealist dreams in Baum’s time giving way to a more cynical realism by 1939, passing through the somewhat confused “liberation” of the 1960s, sinking into the dark, pessimistic world of Buffy and Angel and finally coming to rest in the despair of District 12 in Panem in 2008—the year Barack Hussein Obama took over from George W. Bush…two different faces for the heartless, soulless, President Snow.


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