Oz in the News 5.17.12

Harmless Creatures re-imagine Wizard of Oz characters with tremendous costumes  Few books have seeped into our collective cultural consciousness more than The Wizard of Oz so it takes some effort to breathe new life into it. However Dublin-based duo Sadhbh Doherty and Clare Geraghty, aka Harmless Creatures, have done just that with these costumes for the Dorothy’s three companions, The Lion, The Tin Man and The Scarecrow. It’s definitely the Lion made out of old VHS tape (perhaps a comment on the popularity of the film version?) that floats our boat the most but the others are interesting too, nicely unsettling and flawlessly executed. We’re certainly not in Kansas any more.

Tommy Castillo Reveals The Art of The Darkside of Oz  “What if everything we knew about our beloved Oz was a lie? What if courage was nothing more than rage? What if a heart was black and corrupt? And what would happen if you gained so much knowledge it sent you into madness? What challenges this all presents is this: How do you tell an epic tale of woe and love, desire and greed, wars and betrayals? How do you tell of revenge and have all of it wrapped up in the idea of redemption? And how can you do this all with the highest amount of respect for the creator of Oz, Frank Baum? You see, I am not giving you some scantily clad teen with giant boobs. I’m not twisting this into something unworthy of the great work it is based on. I am giving you ten years of my life devoted to a tale I believe is worthy to stand alongside its predecessor. I have left no stone unturned, no loose plot points, nothing. I repeat; nothing was left undone. I feel as if I alone know the tale of The Lord of the Rings, and I’m about to share it all with you. I can only hope you all agree when it is your hands.”

Interview with Steve Hoffman  “I knew Judy on Decca, but not as well as he did. He could spot the rare ones, alternate takes, etc. better than I could then. I do remember that NO ONE at the company wanted that released for some reason (I believe a holdover from her Decca royalties problems era, or something). At any rate, it sold very well and was well liked by all. It was our tribute to Judy.”

[REVIEW] The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles: Book 2  I don’t give perfect scores out often, but there’s just nothing to be found wrong with this.  The storytelling and writing is just amazing, the artwork  is fantastic, especially a few pieces in the back from Matt Martin who’s cover for Jack & Cat Issue 3 just blew me away,  and it had genuine surprises and thrills throughout.   There’s nothing else you can really expect.  And clocking in at 184 pages this thing is packed to the gills with story, with bonus stuff at the end of the book such as character sketches, unused storyboards and alternative artwork.   Very cool all around.

The Fresh Beat Band – ‘The Wizard of Song’ Special Comes to Stores this Summer  A couple of months ago saw the DVD releases of Seasons 1 and 2 for Nickelodeon’s The Fresh Beat Band, via online-only manufacture on demand (MOD) sets. The third season of the show is currently airing, and in January they had a special double-episode based on the classic kids’ story, The Wizard of Oz. And now Nickelodeon and Paramount Home Entertainment are preparing an in-store release of that special, The Fresh Beat Band – The Wizard of Song. Running approx. 88 minutes long, it will be in stores on August 14th.

Mila Kunis Exclusive: Shining a Light on Oz The Great and Powerful At one point James (Franco) and I were riding in one of the carts through Emerald City on the set and we looked at our special effects department. Every single one of those guys has an Oscar. We have the most amazing people working on this film. It was breathtaking. For James and I to legitimately be a part of this, it meant the world.”

L. Frank Baum, The Goose Man of Macatawa  This summer, Oz comes to Macatawa and Holland. The area will host the International Wizard of Oz Club Convention August 17-19, 2012 (click for program). This year the convention will focus on the homes of L. Frank Baum and the lakeside retreat he loved. They will even stage Tamawaca Folks: A Summer Comedy and explore Holland’s Castle Park. Also see the Oz Club Facebook page for all kinds of photos & history.

All Singin’, All Dancin’, All Judy: A Cinematic Celebration of Judy Garland  This past autumn marked the 75th anniversary of Judy Garland’s feature film debut (Pigskin Parade, 1936). It was the onset of a motion picture career, ultimately unsurpassed in its timeless amalgam of singing, dancing, comedy, and drama. In celebration, The Film Society of Lincoln Center joins with Guild Hall to present screenings of several of her best-loved films, tracing a career that seems as vibrant today as it did half a century ago. Don’t miss these opportunities to share what critics have ceaselessly called the “magic” of Judy Garland!

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