Oz in the News 4.26.12

James Franco, Mila Kunis talk ‘Oz’  “He is a comedic character,” Franco, 34, said of the Wizard. “There are a lot of sides to Oz, but one of the main aspects of Oz is his comedy and his sense of humor. I think that allows a movie to get away with a lot.” Kunis, who was also on hand at Caesar’s Palace, acknowledged she was more nervous to partake in this movie than any that came before. “You create a character from scratch, and it’s your little being,” she said. “But when there’s an anticipation for what the character ultimately turns out to be, you don’t want to mimic that or copy that, because you’ll never be able to replicate it.”

James Franco Talks ‘Fresh’ Trip to ‘Oz’  “There’s a tendency in these big huge movies to make the actions bigger, make the explosions bigger and make the violence more intense. In this world, you don’t have to do that. It’s strangely a movie for everyone that still is kinda cool and I like being a part of something like that.”


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