Oz in the News 4.25.12

Rachell Sumpter Discusses Designing Penguin Threads Book Cover ‘The Wizard Of Oz’   The original Denslow drawings and design of the Wizard of Oz are already beautiful. There was also the movie made about it and numerous children’s books. It’s well covered ground graphically. I hadn’t stitched extensively before this either. I considered many options; there are so many meaningful moments in the book. Originally I was trying to do something with the yellow road and her slippers. It took a while to figure out what would work stitched. A lot of the early ideas were eliminated simply because didn’t lend themselves well to the line quality that stitching produces. I am grateful for the final result.

Mila Kunis & James Franco Bring ‘Oz’ to CinemaCon  The 28-year-old actress wore a Phillip Lim top, shorts and jacket, Dior shoes, and Jennifer Meyer and ALC jewelry. Mila and James attended the event to promote their upcoming flick Oz: The Great and Powerful, which hits theaters March 8, 2013. Oz is a prequel to The Wizard of Oz that tells how the Wizard (Franco) arrived in Oz and became the ruler. Mila will play Theodora, The Wicked Witch of the West, with Michelle Williams as Glinda.

Remembering a Munchkin  While Cynthia Marguerite Nickloy – a 35-inch tall woman who starred under the big top and in movies – may have died 50 years ago, but she has not been forgotten. She was able to attend the gala opening night at the Glove Theatre for “The Wizard of Oz,” where she told a crowd she made $55 per week in Hollywood. She also said she married twice and lost one child. One of the marriages was to a man taller than 6 feet. She said she had a romance with fellow “Oz” Munchkin Elmer Spangler, but wasn’t interested in settling down. On April 14, relatives of Nickloy gathered by her grave at a part of Prospect Hill Cemetery in Gloversville to see the new pink headstone of “Princess Marguerite.”

Secret Theatre Opens THE MERMAIDS’ TALE  While the name L. Frank Baum is most immediately associated with his legendary work The Wizard of Oz, the author is one of the most prolific writers to date.  Following the success of Oz, Baum would go on to write the charming underwater adventure The Sea Fairies, published in 1911. Though one of Baum’s more obscure titles, it came to the attention of playwright and director Jack Dyville and writing partner John Stutte, who were inspired to adapt the novel into a children’s musical. The Mermaids’ Tale, which opens the Children’s Repertory Series at Secret Theatre later this month, promises to be a magical, musical adventure for both children and adults. Dyville says “the play has morphed a lot since its premiere in 2011”, with the show becoming even more“interactive and child-friendly.”


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