Oz in the News 4.23.12

‘Toto the Tornado Kitten’ Gets Own Children’s Book   Meet Toto the Tornado Kitten, now on a media tour. Speaking with a local Fox affiliate in Boston this week, Jonathan Hall, the paramedic who adopted the cat, named him after Dorothy’s famous dog in The Wizard of Oz and then wrote the book about their adventure, retold Toto’s origin tale on TV: “One of the lucky survivors was Toto the tornado kitten here. He was a little kitten that was found by a tree worker in a tree the day after the tornado and rescued, he was turned over to us in the fire station … and we tried taking care of him but couldn’t.”

Wizard of Oz supposedly comes with a curse  Four months after the film was released Frank Morgan, who played The Wizard, was involved in a car accident in which his chauffeur was killed. Toto broke a paw when one of the Wicked Witch’s guards stepped on it. Margaret Hamilton, who played the Wicked Witch of the West, was badly burned during a stunt. And Judy Garland began taking amphetamines not long after playing Dorothy and soon progressed to barbiturates. She died aged 47 after accidentally overdosing.

KTL Radio presents The Wizards of Oz featuring Sister Dorothy Muhammad  The world renowned “word/nameologist” will be using her unique method of using letter & number frequencies to break down some coded messages intertwined in some of our favorite fables. She will be deciphering and decoded the hidden messages in “The Wizard of Oz” and explaining how the template for these characters helped her identify the “Wizards” in her world. Walk with Dorothy down the yellow brick as she unlocks the hidden meaning of the frequencies of numbers 1-10.


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