Oz in the News 4.3.12

Does Judy Garland Still Matter?  “I don’t think young people have any idea who she is,” Quilter says. Even if they know the story, why should they care? They have much more recent iterations of the theme, such as Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston, to enthrall them. So perhaps it shouldn’t have surprised me that when I asked a group of high-school kids, including my own, if they knew of a great star named Judy, they stared at me blankly. Finally, one lit up. “Judge Judy?” he asked.

‘Wicked’ and Ghost Stories Collide in Discussion  While Link’s writing, much like her stage presence, was very calm, Maguire’s excerpt was a performance full of energy, which reflected his animated personality. He read from “Out of Oz,” the fourth and final book of The Wicked Years series. “The roots and the fundament of my four-volume book series really rest in the work L. Frank Baum did in his original tales of Oz in bringing depth and balance and range to that original story,” said Maguire. In his new book “Tales Told in Oz,” which is his first foray into short stories, he elaborates upon various subplots mentioned during The Wicked Years series.

Arizona Native Conjures a World of Fantasy for His NYU Thesis Film  David Shapiro is in the midst of pre-production on his very last and most sincere film as a student. Inspired by L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the name of the film is Sincerely Camp Starlight, and it follows delinquent camper Jonah on his final evening at camp, when he must rescue his first love from the infamous Wicked Witch of Starlight. It’s a kids-on-a-journey film in the vein of Super 8, The Goonies, Stand By Me, or E.T.


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